Eye/ Face/ Foot/ Hand/ Head/ Hearing/ Knee Protection

Safety and Personal Protection Equipment

Safety and Personal Protection Equipment
Quality Products to Protect People’s Health and Safety

Eye/ Face/ Foot/ Hand/ Head/ Hearing/ Knee Protection

  • Goggles, Protective Eyewear, Safety Boots, Overboots, Toe Guards,Labor Gloves, High Heat Gloves, Welders Gloves, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Cold-Weather Gloves, Safety Caps & Hats, Faceshields, Welding Shields & Goggles, Earplugs, Ear Muffs, Knee Pads.

Fall Protection and Confined Spaces Entry/ Retrieval Equipment

  • Harnesses, Manyards & Lanyards, Lifelines, Body Belts, Personnel/ Material Hoists, Tripod Rescue & Recovery System, Descenders, Portable Ladders.

Portable Instruments

  • Personal Gas Monitors, Multigas Detectors, Explosimeter Combustible Gas Indicators, Calibration Kits, Toxic Gas and Oxygen Indicators, Personal Sampling Pumps, Ventilation Blower Systems.

Protective Clothing

  • Caps, Hair Nets, Shoe Covers, Sleeves, Aprons, Coveralls, Raincoats, Aluminized Clothing, Chemical Suits, Welders Clothing, Cold-Weather Parkas & Coveralls.

Respiratory Protection

  • Air-Purifying Respirators, Air-Line Respirators, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses
    (SCBA), PASS Alarm Systems, Personal Communication Systems, Escape Respirators.

Mining Equipment

  • Self Rescuers, Comfo-Caps, Cap Lamp Lighting Systems, Mine Communication Systems, Gas Detectors, Sampling Pumps, Mining Detector Tube Sets. 

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Field Tech commercializes equipment and parts of construction and mining industry, diesel engines, industrial filters, welding machines, stainless and carbon steel pipes, safety equipment and others

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