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Light Towers

Lighting Towers
The Light Tower Series represents true excellence in a multi-purpose light system. With outstanding reliability, maneuverability, durability and more, light towers gets the job done... day after day, and night after night. It's the ideal light system for working the oil fields, road construction sites, emergencies, and so much more.

Compact Light Towers
Excellent for applications where multiple units are required to be shipped into a job site, with the capability of 12 units to be trucked on a standard 53’ flatbed. 4x1000W lights will illuminate up to 7 acres, and with the ample fuel tank up to 60 hours of run time can be achieved. Options include arctic package, full containment systems, and our EcoSmart Shore Power hook up capabilities.

Wide Body 8kw & 20kw
Need a lighting system that can follow you effortlessly anywhere you go? The LE20-WB has a wheel base that follows in the towing vehicle tracks, and with the unique “east/west” positioning of the power unit allows for excellent weight distribution and ample storage of light fixtures. Ease of maintenance on the Kubota V2203 engine allows for complete access to perform the daily maintenance tasks effortlessly, and flexibility of either an 8kW or 21kW power unit allows for the power you need, where you need it.

You can customize your Wide Body light system to include arctic packages, full fluid containment systems, hydraulic lift packages, LED lighting and of course our EcoSmart Shore Power hook up allowing you to power multiple light systems with one power source.

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