Air Compressors. Light Towers. Winches. Cranes. Forklifts. Mining

Lifting Equipment

Forklift Truck

We supply lifting equipment from premium manufacturers that help customers deal with the most complex demands.

Chains & Components

  •  Chain Slings
  •  Eyebolts/ Swivels
  •  Load Binders & Accessories
  •  Shackles
  •  Sling Components ( Master Links, Chain Locks, Hooks )

Fiber & Webbing Equipment

  •  Fiber Ropes (Manila, Nylon, Polypropylene, Synthetic)
  •  Lashing Systems
  •  Round Slings
  •  Webbing Slings

Lifting Tools

  •  Beam Clamps & Trolleys
  •  Chain Hoists (Manual/ Electric)
  •  Crane Scales
  •  Jacks (Hydraulic/ Mechanical)
  •  Lever Hoists
  •  Lifting Clamps
  •  Lifting Magnets
  •  Winches (Manual/ Electric)
  •  Wire Rope Hoists/ Winches

Wire Ropes & Fittings

  •  Elevator Wire Rope
  •  High Performance Wire Rope
  •  Standard Wire Rope (6x36/ 6x19)
  •  Stainless Steel Wire Rope & Fittings
  •  Wire Rope Slings
  •  Fittings (Clips, Sockets, Snatch Blocks, Thimbles and Turnbuckles)
  •  Wire Rope Lubrication

Special Lifting Products

  •  Coil Hooks
  •  Forklift Lifting Beams
  •  Helicopter Beams
  •  Lifting Beams
  •  Spreader Beams

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Field Tech commercializes equipment and parts of construction and mining industry, diesel engines, industrial filters, welding machines, stainless and carbon steel pipes, safety equipment and others

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